Monday, August 22, 2011

album review: mr. sam presents the bandana splits

so, i've finally had a chance to listen to the bandana splits new album, mr. sam presents the bandana splits. i've talked about the band a couple of times now in the last few weeks, but i'm back with an official review because i'm still heavily crushing on their tunes. and as well i should, because the girls who make up the group (annie nero, dawn landes, and lauren balthrop) have crafted an album that just screams fun and good times.

for those of you who don't know who they are, the bandana splits are a three-part harmony group who pays homage to the girl bands of the 50's and 60's. cheeky and bouncy in their tunes and dress (oh, such cute vintage-inspired outfits!), the girls have perfected the blending of their voices against what can only be described as addictive candy-inspired music. mr. sam presents the bandana splits is an album that can't help but be inherently likable - it's sunny and warm, the kind of album you can tell was fun to make. and that makes a difference - because, i think, if the musicians doing it are having a good time, it shows (oasis, you could take note here). and when it shows, it makes listening to the songs all the more enjoyable.

some highlights:

* lavez vous - okay. i know i say this word a lot in conjunction with this band, but god. is this song adorable. apparently all three girls have lived in france at some point, and this is their "french" song. GOODNESS. if you dislike it, well... you're a scrooge. i learned to speak french/from beauty products/that my mom gave to me

* stay if you wanna - the stinkin' highly-likable song from saturday's video. HOLY COW is this one beyond cute. the girls' voices are pitch perfect here in their three-part harmonies, and the ukulele is absolutely spot on for the song. listen to this one if you want audio happiness. sugar drops and candy canes and lemon pie/when we're together/you're my guy

* hold on - so sultry and gorgeous. slow and steady, like lapping waves, hold on is definitely the epitome of an excellent date song. love is something to hold on to/for those long summer nights/when the air is just right/hold on

* baby talkin' (the shoo wop song) - utterly reminiscent of the 50's, it's totally infectious in that you'll find yourself unable to sit still during its bouncy refrains. or stop singing shoo wop.

* desert love - a bit different than the others here, it's got more of a hippie undercurrent running alongside a bit of native american sounding chanting (or rather, singing style). walking through the desert/when i saw your face in a cloud/didn't know if i was dreaming/but i spoke to you out loud/desert love

* all you gotta do is fall in love - a bit sad in comparison to some of the more cheery offerings on the album, this song is still filled with sugary, lovely vocals that can't help but captivate. the piano bits are perfect for the melancholy wistfulness. wouldn't it be sweet/if you could be in love with me?/the way i'm in love with you/it's so easy to do

download sometimes - you can read my review of this song HERE.

(mp3) sometimes by the bandana splits

because i luuurrve this song, you get a video of lavez vous:

buy mr. sam presents the bandana splits HERE.

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